CHX believes oral healthcare is a vital part of overall healthcare, because good oral health contributes to good overall health.
We believe evidence-based prevention improves affordability and treatment outcomes, and that it serves the preferences of a more informed, uninsured aging community.
We believe that value-driven healthcare requires managing the cause of poor oral health which is the imbalance of bacteria on the teeth and at the gum line (dysbiosis).

CHX Technologies has developed Prevora, a topical pharmaceutical treatment which is a new standard of preventive oral healthcare for adults at high risk of dental decay. Prevora is applied by the dental and medical team in a series of short visits. It is remarkably safe and effective for long periods.  Prevora is also affordable. 

Prevora is approved in Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom and by the European Medicines Agency. A new drug application is being prepared for the United States.


Our vision and values

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