Quick Facts about Prevora:

    Approved in: Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom & by the    
    European Medicines Agency

    Indication: To prevent dental decay in high risk adults

    Treatment plan: Topically applied to the teeth in a series of 
    short dental visits

    Cost to the patient: Typically, about 20% of the cost of an
    implant, 30% of a root canal, 40% of a replacement crown.

The Prevora antibacterial tooth coating significantly reduces dental decay for long periods in patients at high risk of this common disease.

This topical drug slowly releases a high strength antiseptic (chlorhexidine) on the tooth surface. For many weeks, it limits the re-emergence of the biofilm which causes decay. It is applied painlessly by the dental and medical team with a mini-brush in a visit which takes less than 30 minutes.

In the first year of the Prevora preventive plan, the patient receives 4 treatments in the first 4 weeks. Semi-annual treatments are then recommended in a preventive maintenance program.

Prevora is the only approved professional preventive treatment for dental decay in high risk adults in Canada and Europe.

A new drug application for Prevora to the US FDA is being prepared.



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