New models are needed

By Ross Perry | Sep 1, 2020

For many years, British adults have been offered “free” dental care under the National Health Service (NHS). This is just what many Canadian public opinion polls are saying is wanted in Canada. But while dental care in the UK is “free”, it is increasingly undesirable. Dental attendance at NHS clinics has declined steadily, and pre-pandemic,…

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Improving diabetes management

By Ross Perry | Aug 20, 2020

The Diabetes Care Community regular newsletter to Canadian adults with diabetes and pre-diabetes, reports there is scope to improve the management of this common chronic disease. Note the percentage of Canadian diabetics NOT receiving regular observation of contributors or side effects of this condition: 49% did not receive an annual foot exam 26% did not…

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The direction of oral healthcare

By Ross Perry | Aug 18, 2020

DentaQuest is one of the largest and most influential dental insurers in the US. DentaQuest makes most of its money from processing dental claims. So it is interested in more dental procedures not less. Yet where does DentaQuest think oral healthcare is going — see the following infographic. 10 years ago DentaQuest would likely show…

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The moral determinants of oral health

By Ross Perry | Aug 13, 2020

“Except for a few clinical preventive services, most hospitals and physician offices are repair shops, trying to correct the damage of causes collectively denoted “social determinants of health.” This statement is found in a new editorial in JAMA titled the Moral Determinants of Health. It refers to the well-known contribution of income, social cohesion and…

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The fastest growing healthcare profession?

By Ross Perry | Aug 11, 2020

It is called “independent hygiene” or “IH”. IH emerged in Ontario in 2007 as a response of the provincial government to the unaffordability of dental care, particularly to senior citizens who had lost their dental coverage just when their oral health began to decline. In 2007, there were a handful of independent hygienists in Ontario.…

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The role of hygiene in managing COVID-19

By Ross Perry | Aug 6, 2020

Some dental researchers are suggesting poor oral health/chronic oral inflammation raises the risks for severe forms of COVID-19. And they are likely right. Oral inflammation is strongly linked to diabetes, aging, hypertension and CVD, and COPD, all of which predispose danger in the pandemic. But is that the real issue? My guess is that even…

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Change your mindset

By Ross Perry | Jul 30, 2020

COVID-19 is leaving a legacy of urgent change. Particularly in how we go about delivering and consuming oral healthcare. Six months ago, the surgical, invasive and cosmetic models of oral healthcare were humming along. Now, not so much. Dental visits are down, costs are up and there is legitimate concern about the future if these…

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Cognitive function & oral healthcare

By Ross Perry | Jul 28, 2020

Two new scientific developments are important to the future of oral healthcare, and in particular independent hygiene. First, an early stage clinical study suggests that blocking a byproduct from one oral bacteria, P. gingivalis, can improve memory function. Refer to the following chart. Second, other studies show that P. gingivalis is but one bacteria in…

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The right conditions for prevention

By Ross Perry | Jul 21, 2020

The shingles vaccine is growing in popularity. When first introduce in 2008, about 8% of older Americans got immunized. In 2019, more than 1 in 3 did. This trend has been influenced by financial subsidies, by growing confidence among the prescribers, and by public awareness and opinion. Despite the vocal campaign of the anti vaxxers,…

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“I have enjoyed better gums and teeth with Prevora – for years.”

- Nellie E.


“Prevora has improved my gums and protected my teeth. This is very important to me”.

- Judith G.


“I couldn’t brush my teeth for 6 weeks after surgery for oral cancer. But with Prevora treatment before my surgery, my teeth were fine".  

- Richard J.


“I am a stroke survivor and brushing my teeth is difficult. With Prevora over the past few years, my teeth are healthy and so are my gums.”

- Thomas B.


“After years of several fillings each year, Prevora has made me cavity free for 10 years.”

- Bruce B.


“No cavities for years. Painless. Affordable. What more do you need to know?”

- John P.


“Mom’s oral health has really improved with Prevora. This gives me peace of mind”.

- Lori T.

Daughter of Phyllis P.

For years I have had troubles with my teeth and gums. Since Prevora, it is the first time I feel like my teeth and gums are healthy.

Margaret C.


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