Change your mindset

COVID-19 is leaving a legacy of urgent change. Particularly in how we go about delivering and consuming oral healthcare. Six months ago, the surgical, invasive and cosmetic models of oral healthcare were humming along. Now, not so much. Dental visits are down, costs are up and there is legitimate concern about the future if these models are further pursued.

In this context, the experience of a successful American doctor, Dr. Gordon Chen, in responding to a personal crisis in healthcare is helpful. Spend 10 minutes and watch his video presentation here. His message involves a change in your mindset:

  • Make all actions and services accountable for better health outcomes — do only those things and activities which improve the condition of the patient
  • coach the patient for health, don’t consult for sickness
  • simplify the patient message and journey — break it down into short steps to healthier condition.

Dr. Chen is really talking about the axiom of business — you take care of your customers/clients, and they will take care of you. There is no better, no more loyal patient than a healthy one.