Cognitive function & oral healthcare

Two new scientific developments are important to the future of oral healthcare, and in particular independent hygiene.

First, an early stage clinical study suggests that blocking a byproduct from one oral bacteria, P. gingivalis, can improve memory function. Refer to the following chart.

Second, other studies show that P. gingivalis is but one bacteria in a complex of oral bacteria associated with dementia.

The chart on the far right shows that in 9 volunteers, a pill to inhibit the release byproducts by P. gingivalis improves speech patterns and complexities for adults with mild cognitive impairment

Many independent hygiene practices serve older patients. Perhaps as many as 1 in 4 of these patients are entering mild cognitive impairment and also have sore and bleeding gums. Many more fear the loss of cognitive function.

A patient with poor oral health and mild cognitive impairment has 4 times the risk of dementia as a peer with good oral health.

So about the future of oral healthcare?