Effective periodontal care with minimal aerosols

New guidelines for reducing aerosols in hygiene clinics could reduce the use of ultrasonic scaling — and thereby significantly change how the clinic works.

Ultrasonic scaling generates aerosols and has been restricted by new guidelines governing oral healthcare

What might be a new route to take for hygiene in this post-pandemic era which is so concerned about cross-infection?

A new study reports that periodontal health can be significantly improved by combining scaling (either by hand or using ultrasonic instruments) with topical, sub-gingival antiseptics. Most of these antiseptic products contained chlorhexidine delivered on sustained-release basis.

This combination makes sense from both clinical and microbiology perspectives, but now with the pandemic’s regulations, this study points the way for keeping periodontal care effective, affordable and viable.

Prevora is a high strength, time-released formulation of chlorhexidine applied both to the hard tissues and to the gum line. It is the only Health Canada approved preventive treatment for root caries, and, for many years and thousands of patients, has shown efficacy in managing chronic oral inflammation (a condition associated with root caries).

It is time to integrate Prevora into the post-pandemic world of hygiene.