Henry the Dentist

We’ve all heard about the social service’s dental bus traveling to shopping centres and community centres offering affordable dentistry to those with dental pain or those who can’t afford the dentist. Hamilton, Ontario has one. And there are others.

Now there is Henry the Dentist (bus) which goes up-market to serve offices and manufacturing facilities the convenience of oral healthcare on your lunch break. Refer to the Henry’s picture above.

Henry is successful and growing. Henry meets a need and want of both employees and employers. How?

  • it is obviously convenient.
  • it speaks to affordability — staff are salaried rather than on fee for service so there is reduced incentive to over-treat
  • it pitches prevention (again, it is a staff model of care)
  • it encourages participation because it is not like a normal dental practice and because it is cool and works on peer pressure.

Henry works because about 1 in 3 employees with a dental plan don’t go to the dentist regularly — a factor both of convenience, anxiety and self-perceived good oral health. Henry says this behavior risks large dental spending down the road. And so employers listen hard and sign up for Henry’s traveling show.

Just imagine how popular and convenient Henry will be once he offers really effective, long-term prevention with Prevora.