Improving diabetes management

The Diabetes Care Community regular newsletter to Canadian adults with diabetes and pre-diabetes, reports there is scope to improve the management of this common chronic disease. Note the percentage of Canadian diabetics NOT receiving regular observation of contributors or side effects of this condition:

  • 49% did not receive an annual foot exam
  • 26% did not receive a urine protein test
  • 17% did not receive an A1C test in the past 12 months
  • 25% have never received a dilated eye exam
  • 64% had not received a psychological assessment in the last year

Almost 100% of diabetics, moreover, fail to have any examination of chronic oral inflammation when they visit their physician, despite the fact that CHX found 6 in 10 have this condition.

Chronic oral inflammation significantly raises HbA1C levels and increases the risks of neuropathy, retinopathy and premature death.

So what to do?

Integrate preventive oral healthcare into the patients’ visits to the doctor. This can be done without burdening the medical team, with strong acceptance by the patients, and using Prevora, minimal equipment and set-up (with NO AEROSOLS) for the independent hygienist.