The role of hygiene in managing COVID-19

Some dental researchers are suggesting poor oral health/chronic oral inflammation raises the risks for severe forms of COVID-19. And they are likely right. Oral inflammation is strongly linked to diabetes, aging, hypertension and CVD, and COPD, all of which predispose danger in the pandemic.

But is that the real issue? My guess is that even if the evidence were firmed up to show that folks in long term care with good oral health had fewer incidents of COVID-19, there would be little consequence. The fact of the matter is that existing models of oral healthcare are not practical, nor economic, nor effective in geriatric care. Let’s face it. This segment of the community has been orphaned by expensive, invasive oral healthcare.

But there is hope and a viable path forward for improving geriatric oral healthcare. It’s all about managing the oral microbiome when it gets out of whack. Chronic oral inflammation results from too many of a few microorganisms such as P. gingivalis. When these bacteria are re-balanced in the plaque, health returns quickly.

Prevora is a proven way to reset the oral microbiome. Quickly, painlessly, without the normal aerosol cloud, and for long intervals. Just what the old folks need and want in these fearful times.