Unmet needs

Two stories recently crossed my desk to underscore the need for Prevora.

The first story in the Washington Post was about children and adults with Special Needs having limited access to effective preventive oral health services.

The second story in Health Affairs was that in 10 years, more than half of middle-income Americans age 75 or older will not be able to afford to pay for yearly assisted living rent or medical expenses.

Together, these groups account for perhaps 15% to 20% of the community.

The implications for medical and oral health services are very significant. That’s why CHX is working with Mount Sinai Hospital (Toronto) on developing better, less invasive and more affordable ways of delivering Special Needs oral health services. And why we are partnering with the medical department of a major retirement chain on developing a new approach to oral health services in retirement living.

Prevora opens up new possibilities to meet these existing and emerging unmet needs. It is safe and very effective for years, deals with both dental decay and gum disease simultaneously, and can be delivered conveniently and affordably.