Integrating preventive oral health with medical care

Our purpose is to improve the oral health of adults with Special Needs, Complex Needs and Geriatric Needs, using a painless, cost-effective treatment of oral dysbiosis (the primary cause of poor oral health). These high risk communities account for 4 in 10 adults.

Their unmet need for better oral health is amongst the largest in pharmaceuticals.



CHX is a pharmaceutical company developing and marketing a new treatment for oral dysbiosis – the primary cause of poor oral health.


Our Medicine

Prevora is a high-strength, long-lasting antiseptic topically applied by the hygienist to the teeth of adults at high risk of poor oral health.


Better Outcomes, Lower Cost

Prevora is a profoundly new approach to oral healthcare. It deals with the cause not the consequence of poor oral health.



The Ontario Centre for Excellence and CHX co-fund Mount Sinai Hospital’s review of its Special Care dental program.

Our Blog

Rewriting the job description

By Ross Perry | February 12, 2019

Sometimes new science and discoveries come along to rewrite the job description for an industry or profession. Think of the Internet and its redefinition of the community library, for example.

A similar situation may well be emerging in hygiene– er, let’s call it oral healthcare for reasons given below.

Recently, the bidirectional linkage between oral health and cognitive decline has heated up. If your patients haven’t already asked you about it, read this article.

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“I have enjoyed better gums and teeth with Prevora – for years.”

- Nellie E.


“Prevora has improved my gums and protected my teeth. This is very important to me”.

- Judith G.


“I couldn’t brush my teeth for 6 weeks after surgery for oral cancer. But with Prevora treatment before my surgery, my teeth were fine".  

- Richard J.


“I am a stroke survivor and brushing my teeth is difficult. With Prevora over the past few years, my teeth are healthy and so are my gums.”

- Thomas B.


“After years of several fillings each year, Prevora has made me cavity free for 10 years.”

- Bruce B.


“No cavities for years. Painless. Affordable. What more do you need to know?”

- John P.


“Mom’s oral health has really improved with Prevora. This gives me peace of mind”.

- Lori T.

Daughter of Phyllis P.

For years I have had troubles with my teeth and gums. Since Prevora, it is the first time I feel like my teeth and gums are healthy.

Margaret C.


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