Our focus

CHX is a private Canadian pharmaceutical company focused on preventive oral healthcare to enable Healthy Aging.

We have developed a first-in-class treatment, Prevora, which manages the bacteria  causing poor oral health (both dental decay and gum disease). Prevora is designed for Healthy Aging. Indeed, that’s how Healthy Agers see it too.

Prevora is a quick, painless & affordable procedure which can be conducted where Healthy Agers live and spend their time. Prevora saves money and inconvenience and has been rated by Canadian seniors as “very important” and “with a very positive effect on my general health.”

“Preventive oral health in older adults can lead to fewer primary care visits, shorter hospital stays, lower admission rates, lower inappropriate prescribing rates, and improved quality of life”.

Patel J et al. 2021. Oral health for healthy ageing. The Lancet, 2, #8: E521-527.