New uses

For many years, Canadian clinicians have reported Prevora quickly treats bleeding and inflammation in the mouth, as well as
protecting the patient from dental decay.

CHX is pursuing this additional treatment effect with several observation studies and with a controlled study of Canadian seniors. The company intends to apply for an extended indication for Prevora’s use in managing periodontal disease when these studies are completed.

Prevora’s unique combination treatment effect for both dental decay and periodontal disease offers significant benefits to the clinician, the patient and the third-party payer or insurer.

1 week later after 1 treatment

Case study of a high-risk patient:
60-year-old breast cancer patient on Zometa (extractions are contraindicated)
Patient has limited tolerance to invasive care.
Extensive bleeding, deep pockets, mobility.
1 application of Prevora resolves bleeding.
I would be lost without Prevora in such cases where
invasive therapies are contraindicated or not feasible.
Dr. Paul Belzycki, Toronto