Studies of Prevora

Prevora has completed 4 prospective randomized controlled clinical studies, several observational studies and has many years of data from use by Canadian dental professionals. These data show Prevora is both very safe and very effective. Prevora’s evidence is unique in preventive dental care.

Excellent caries reductions with Prevora in high-risk adults.

Note: all results at p less than 0.05

Sources: Banting DW et al. 2000. The effectiveness of 10% chlorhexidine varnish treatment on dental caries incidence in adults with dry mouth. Gerodontology, 17, #2, 67-76. Symington JM et al 2014. Efficacy of a 10% chlorhexidine coating to prevent caries in at-risk community dwelling adults. Acta Odont Scand., 72 (7), 497-501. Jabir E et al. 2022. Evaluating the effectiveness of fluoride varnish in preventing caries amongst Long-Term Care Facility residents. Gerodontology, 39 (3), 258-256

In high-risk adults, over one year, Prevora prevented new cavities by 41% at the tooth root and 70% at the crown of the tooth. This is a much higher prevention rate than fluoride varnish. Prevora has also quickly reduced various stages of gum disease in high-risk adults, even among patients who were unresponsive to scaling, and among patients who received no dental cleanings nor scaling.

Significant improvement in periodontal conditions with Prevora in high-risk adults.

PPD = periodontal probing depth, BOP = bleeding on probing

Note: all results at p≤0.001 except for community adults where p=0.056.

Sources: Nguyen QV, 2021. Use of high-concentration chlorhexidine (Prevora) fpr reduction in need for surgery in patients with chronic periodontitis. U of T Master’s Thesis. Sveistrup H et al. 2024. A new model for dental prevention in the community. Paper in press. CHX Technologies, Observational study of 10 Seniors with periodontal disease (data available upon request).